Details of the study

Romania’s Favorite Employers is an external market study designed to offer you personalized solutions for improving your employer image on the market. The study is based on all categories of respondents, from factory workers, students to top management. In other words, it is a complex diagnosis for each company, consultancy services being included as well. This project is realized in collaboration with MKOR Consulting and HR managers from more than 10 industries. Because it’s not enough to know only where you are in top, but also why!

Romania’s Favorite Employers is being done for:

  • For the first time, while being endorsed by 6 years of experience in this field;
  • 180 companies / year and 180 personalized HR strategies, clear communication directions and actions for 2017 and dedicated consultancy meetings on-site;
  • 16 industries;
  • 20 cities;
  • 20 personalized analysis criteria for each company;
  • A detailed analysis between each employer and 2 competitors (Your company might already be among the analyzed 180 companies – ask us about the list).


Respondents between 19 and 45 years, from students to top management, in 16 industries, in 20 cities from Romania.

You receive:

  • a personalized analysis of your company’s performance on 20 attributes;
  • a comparison with 2 of your competitors, made on clear criteria;
  • a personalized analysis of your target’s perception on your company.

You can customize the analysis through:

  • choosing the respondents’ pool (e.g. students, blue-collar, top management, etc.)
  • choosing your 2 competitors;
  • choosing the analyzed cities;
  • a questionnaire feedback and custom inserts.

Offering you more:

  • a dedicated meeting after the delivery of the report for live explaining of the results and the methods used – with direct indications for your future strategy.
  • the “Romania’s Favorite Employers” stamp, which can be used in your employer branding campaign in 2017.